Elite Diamond VIP with Doug Graham


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Get yourself the Elite Diamond VIP session with Doug Graham.

Awesome people!! We have GREAT news! Doug Graham is coming. And he is willing to provide special intimate sessions for those to really make a difference in their life. Creating a VIP option.

It will be private, for only a few people. To speak about their current health&fitness issues and he'll even have a look.
Personally, he put my leg (and lower spine) back into my body at UK Fruit Fest 2018 after a crazy exercise with Ted Carr. (That Is shouldn't have done). In the session, so many emotions and old feelings were released and giving me back the power & strength in my legs. He also gave me great fysio/chiropractic advice at the time that helped me enormously on gaining muscle strength back without hurting myself in the proces.

When you want to get the most out of meeting Doug in the Netherlands. This is your chance!
-> Full Length Elite Diamond VIP Lecture
-> Q&A Elite Diamond VIP Session
-> Quarter of an hour Private Consultation
-> Dinner with Doug, we will make sure you have a seat next to Doug

Do not miss out on this One Of a Time Experience,
Value of 600euro, offered for 450.

We just heard that Doug let's us offer this for 250EURO !